JAPAN – Asakusa

Today we decided to do nothing buy relax! We got up so late that it was already lunch time so we only had a cup of coffee and headed to a sushi place. As a starter Tomasz took clam miso soup while I went for udon with fried tofu. And then lots of sushi:-). And as a dessert we tried green matcha ice cream. Not the best flavor but a must-eat in Japan. And when time for dinner came we went for delicious ramen.

After lunch we just started browsing at Asakusa market and nearby shopping centers and we found some ‘treasures’. First of all we bought a vinyl of Miles Davis as supposedly vinyls produced in Japan are produced with the best quality. We also got original origami paper although we have no intention of getting into origami. Of course our shopping would not count without the attraction of browsing in a drugstore where we bought some heated eye masks, face masks, super soft face brushes, rubber heel covers that help oils and moisturizers get absorbed overnight, konjac sponges, oil blotting papers, …… As far as ‘grocery’ is concerned we bought some matcha tea as well as cookies and chocolates all made of matcha or with matcha-so all are green; and a bottle of Japanese whiskey. We also added some more regular souvenirs such as chopsticks, sushi key rings, rubbers in shapes of Japanese food, soup bowls, fans, …. We also got an apron for a sushi chef. And I can’t even remember what else we purchased, but it was sooooo much fun! And the day flew like all the others before.















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