JAPAN – Tokyo day 4


Today we had a short but great day. Why was it short? Last night we tried to go to sleep without sleeping pills and we fell asleep around 3.30 am so we woke up today at midday and had breakfast only about 1 pm and then we finally hit the city. Our initial plan was to see Tsukiji Fish Market at Ginza and Ginza itself- the most famous upmarket shopping, dining and entertainment  district. One square meter of land in the district’s center is over ten million yen ( 38,000 PLN). It is Ginza where you can find the infamous cup of coffee for $10 and where every leading brand name in fashion and cosmetics has a presence. But since the Fish Market closes at 2 pm there was no point for us going after our breakfast at 1pm so we changed the itinerary for the day.

We just walked around Asakusa and made it to Yanesen- the streets of Yanaka, Nezu and Sendagi that provide an idea of what pre-war Tokyo was like. We came across some interesting craft shops, some old houses and finally we explored the Nezu Shrine. Once we made it back to Asakusa we came across an amazing sushi place and stayed for dinner. It was a very modern sushi place with menu on iPads. Once we were seated, we saw that each place apart from a box of green tea, pickled ginger, stock of chopsticks, a box hot water tap also had an iPad. On the iPad was the menu in an interactive version so we ordered by clicking. Once the food was coming on a moving table there was an alert popping up on the iPad screen and our job was to pick the food up and confirm by clicking on the iPad  that it was received. We could order more at any time and after our binge we checked out at the iPad and paid at cashier at the exit. So as you can see it was very convenient but first and foremost it was so delicious!!!! The fish was so fresh, mouth-watering, buttery…hmmmm…..hmmmm. We ate too much but we could not resist and browsing the menu we kept founding some new kinds of fish that we had never tried before. The dinner would be incomplete without a dessert so we ended up eating Hokkaido ice-cream choux. Everything was so delicious that we will be back to Sushi Nova Asakusa.TPD_5725 2.jpg

TPD_5707 2.jpg

TPD_5703 2.jpg

TPD_5699 2.jpg
















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