JAPAN – Tokyo day 3

Today we just wandered around and observed what people do in a temple and how they are dressed in the streets.

In the morning as usual we stopped by Sensoji Temple since we always walk by on the way to the Metro station and we drew the lots of fortune in the temple. There are shelves with small drawers with the lots, called OMIKUJI, and near them you can find metal boxes with wooden sticks inside. You pay 100 yen, shake the box and wait for a wooden stick to drop out. Each stick has something written on it, so you look at the writing and look for a drawer with exactly the same signs. Then you open the drawer and take out a sheet of Omikuji which tells you your fortune: excellent, ordinary or bad. If you happen to have bad fortune you do not take the Omikuji home but you tie it and thus leave the bad fortune behind. We also went near the pot with ash to get smoked by the smoke coming out and thus get purified.

On this wave of imitating the Japanese, we also went shopping for Japanese cosmetics: face masks in cute packagings; deep cleansing oil; lotions that are not really what we understand by lotion but they are simply moisturizers;nand baby feet masks. And finally some matcha milk to make healthy shakes;-). For someone who is illiterate shopping might be really hard, I can imagine now!

We took a break at an amazing coffee place, so called “Single Origin Coffee’ shop (The Roastery by Nozy Coffee). They actually served two kinds of coffee : one from Costa Rica and the other from Honduras. The taste of coffee was outstanding and the whole place so cosy. We can’t call it a Japanese culture experience for sure, but for two coffee lovers that we are it was an unforgettable coffee break.

Well, look at some pictures and see a bit of what we have seen today.







2 thoughts on “JAPAN – Tokyo day 3

  1. So lovely pictures here 🙂 Hope you have great time, full of new experience and excellent fortune after omikuji drawing. Stay in good moods and looking forward your next posts.

    Liked by 1 person

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