JAPAN – Tokyo day 1

After quite a long but not so tiring journey we made it safely to Tokyo. We had a  2-hour layover in Paris, which was enough to have a glass of champagne in the lounge and off we boarded the plane to Tokyo. As there were quite a lot of seats free, we had a chance lie down and thus we slept most of the night. I just watched one movie „I, Daniel Blake” and it was definitely a bad choice as it was really sad and made me think sad thoughts on life.

We landed at Haneda airport and made it straight to our hotel in Asakusa that is located right behind the Sensoji Temple. And we called it a day. And took sleeping pills to be able to fall asleep according to the local time that is 8 hours ahead of Warsaw time.

Our first day in Tokyo turned out to be rainy so we could not do much except shopping;-). I had googled must-buy cosmetics in Japan so we had some stuff to look for. We started with visiting Akihabara- the Electric City. It would not count if we had not dropped to Yodabashi Camera. I would call the store old school and for sure its best days are past and it does not even look attractive, not to mention that all the stuff is considerably more expensive than in Europe. Ticked off the list I would say.

Then we headed for Harajuku and I loved it!!! We both loved these cosy streets with designer stores selling really great fashion, soooooo different from what we see every day at home. We started with a lunch at a small canteen filled with locals. We had delicious warming-up tempura soba that you can see in the picture below. Then we browsed some stores in Harajuku getting to check out on Japan youth fashion. I finally ended up investing in a designer timeless piece that should last a lifetime. Shopping for investment pieces doesn’t happen often to me, so I couldn’t resist. All these narrow small alleys had so much ambience and the stores were so welcoming- we will definitely get back to Harajuku not to shop but to observe the youngsters dressed up.

The last highlight for the day was sushi for dinner. We are both sushi lovers and while in Japan we will have sushi ever day either for breakfast or lunch or dinner;-).

Tomorrow the weather is going to be much warmer and really sunny so we will definitely keep away from shops and enjoy temples and parks.










TPD_4627 2.jpg

TPD_4639 2.jpg

TPD_4677 2.jpg

TPD_4688 2.jpg

TPD_4691 2.jpg

TPD_4729 2.jpg

TPD_4741 2.jpg

TPD_4747 2.jpg

TPD_4755 2.jpg



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