Scoring 85 …

I have played golf on 4 continents so far. I was enjoying good or bad strokes in India, UAE, Morocco, Mexico, Michigan, Miami, Nevada, California, South Carolina and of course many  beautiful European golf courses. I played with very good golfers and with assists of spiders, coyotes, birds and many other more exotic animals.

And only very recently I finally figured it out that:

  1. I should be relaxed to play the round and not to come to relax playing golf because it will be a 18 holes long walk full of frustrations 🙂
  2. I should have no any expectations when I start the round. Why? It was dark, gloomy, cold, windy and rainy September day on Lisia Polana. Moreover, I did not have enough spare ball to spend. All the above mentioned signs should send me back home. As I had no expectations and plans I played the best round so far 85 with average put 1,3 per hole




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