TANZANIA – Manyara Lake day 1

A day with elephants
Before I start describing our day at the Manyara Lake, I am going to introduce to you the lady who  tailored the trip according to what we wanted to see, made the itinerary and finally organised it all here in Tanzania. Her name is Dorota Kozarzewska and her company is called MOREMI AFRICA. To get to know more visit moremiafrica.com.pl


Time-wise and comfort-wise she organised it in an excellent way! We have lots of time to enjoy game drives and animal watching as well as sufficient amount of time to rest at luxurious lodges when needed- for example before a long day in a car. The lodges she had booked for us have great comfort and standard. They are always secluded and protected by fences and have guarded gates to make the guests feel safe. At Manyara Wildlife Lodge they warned us though to keep windows closed because monkeys might jump in.
Another person that we have to mention is our guide Kisimbo. Honestly, this guy has a radar for animals. If we were in these parks on our own, we would have seen nothing. He can drive and at the same time spot monkeys in trees or giraffes hundreds of meters away! Impossible!
With Kisimbo behind the wheel and our good luck so far, we are going to conquer the land, I am telling you! We have already told him that apart from animals, we are very much interested in the local  people- the way they live everyday lives. So we hope he is going to remember and in the future he will let us stop by a water hole by which ladies are doing the washing. Today we saw some as we were driving but I didn’t want to push him to stop and I guess he didn’t want to stop either because he didn’t expect us to find such scenes so exciting or because he didn’t want us to be asked for money by the ladies.  But we have already cleared the issue;-). And next time we see lots of herds of cattle with Masai shepherds, we will take pictures and share with you.
So today we left Arumeru River Lodge at 9 am and headed to Manyara Lake National Park. It was a bit of a drive but we made it to the park gate at lunch time and started with a delicious lunchbox prepared by Stacey from Duma Explorers and a cup of Africafe prepared by Kisimbo on the spot. When he offered us a cup of coffee I didn’t really know what he meant, but he came back to the lunch spot with a bag in which he had coffee, sugar, creamer, hot water and three cups. So after a hearty lunch with a hot cup of coffee, we entered the park looking for adventure.
At the begining we encountred a lot of different monkeys: bluemonkeys, baboons, velvet monkeys.
There were plenty of zebras and buffaloes and wildebeasts but we had made elephants the target for the day as we knew Zosia has been waiting for some pictures;-). And all of a sudden right there in the middle of the road the first elephant appeared. You say it, you have it! I told you Kisimbo has a radar! Then we went to a hippo pool but hippos were underwater most of the time and we did not see much. But who cares, they are ugly anyway! But our good luck for elephants continued and we encountered a group taking a mad bath. Unbeliveable! And then Tomasz spotted another groupd trying to cross the road! And then we saw tall giraffes walking proudly in thedistance one after another! And then monkeys teaching their babies to climb. And monkeys grooming each other. And thousands of flamingoes in the Manyara Lake. Just have a look at some pictures!















































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