KENYA – On the way to Nairobi

After a very pleasant journey we made it to our first destination. It was an eight- hour flight during which we had a chance to see some amazing views of the Sahara Desert that we had never seen before. Endless sea of sand in different shades of yellow rarely cut across by water.
Landing in Nairobi felt weird as while descending we saw hardly any city lights, and to make the impression worse, the airport itself had almost no lamps!!! We got on a taxi and got to the hotel downtown-a dark downtown to be precise. On entering the hotel we were asked to enter through a cage that had bars like in prison and there we weren’t even allowed to touch our luggage untill it was scanned. And we also went through the airport-like security check. But hopefully it all means we are safe and we can get some good sleep. Tomorrow in the morning all of you will be busy and excited preparing to the Xmas Eve night, while we will be already on the plane to Arusha excited to see the Kilimanjaro Mountain for the first time in our lives. 
You wouldn’t believe but Holland Herald, the on-board magazine of KLM, in its December issue features an article about Tanzania and Zanzibar:-). So it only double- assured us that we have chosen the right spot for a “Wild Romance”. We do hope to encounter wildlife and share it with you. 








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